Graphic and Type Design
Selected projects 2010/2015

Mould #2 (Photo) Writing Degree Zero
Curated by Joan Fontcuberta

MOULD is a semi-annual publication for contemporary culture. It is a platform for transdisciplinary investigation, which aims to interpret the complexity of contemporary culture. We believe that the mould, embracing the notions of imprint and tracing, conveys our view of cultural press: a place to record the existing, make it circulate, generate new ideas. We see it both as an archive-like research and a source of creation.
A different guest editor representing a specific cultural area is asked to direct each issue. He/she will appoint contributors to develop his/her own interpretation of the mould subject, in relation to disciplines such as art, literature, cinema, architecture, design, photography, philosophy etc. However, Mould is far from being a monographic dissertation: by casting a glance at different disciplines and genres, the guest editors will design personal and polyphonic paths with ever-changing features, beyond their usual fields of practice and expertise. All together, our publications will create a subjective, unconventional and multifaceted witness of contemporary culture.

Issue two was guest curated by Joan Fontcuberta, copublished by Mould Press and Rubbettino Editore, designed by Alessio Cancellieri, Paolo Palma (Metodo Studio), Jonathan Pierini.

MOULD is a project by Alessio Cancellieri and Jonathan Pierini.