Graphic and Type Design
Selected projects 2010/2015

[in–tèr–fe–ron] is a project by Lorenzo Bravi, Paolo Palma and Jonathan Pierini.

It deals with the themes of privacy and intrusive looking, by building a symbolic representation of virtual interaction between human and animal action in a precise habitat. The human beings catch the movements of the many species to record and investigate them.

The project is based on the editing of two different kinds of collected materials: overnight recordings achieved by using infrared camera-traps placed in specific locations within the "Riserva Naturale Statale Gola del Furlo" Park; real time recordings of the people visiting the irregular surface of the exhibition spaces in the small Church "Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie" located in the heart of the natural park. The output is an interactive space where these visuals and sound patterns designed by Giovanni Lami works together to generate a space where we can experience an ongoing interaction between the two species.