Graphic and Type Design
Selected projects 2010/2015

Displayed Spaces. New means of architecture presentation through exhibitions.

Edited by Roberto Gigliotti
Published by Spector Books

With texts by Giovanna Borasi, Anne Holtrop, Wilfried Kuehn, Emanuela De Cecco, Something Fantastic, Ilka & Andreas Ruby, Andres Lepik, Tina di Carlo and two interviews with Kersten Geers (OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen) and Maarten Gielen (ROTOR).

The curators of architecture exhibitions are often concerned with the problem of how to present objects that ultimately cannot be brought into the exhibition space. Such shows are often difficult for lay audiences to interpret; little focus is placed on communication. However, there are also architecture exhibits that concentrate on communicating an experience. They make it possible to build an intense relationship between the audience and the content on display. This publication focuses on the question of how space can be orchestrated at an exhibition to negotiate an architectural idea. Bringing together pieces by theoreticians, curators and practitioners involved in exhibition production, “Displayed Spaces” contributes toward the analysis ofcontemporary architecture exhibitions.